L.V.Switchboards Installation, testing & commissioning

It is important when choosing an installation partner that you consider an engineering team with safety and experience at the heart of its business.

We offered different types of low voltage switchboards installation, testing &commissioning work as per client requirements in industrial, commercial & residential sectors.

Our core teams of engineers are all trained and have many years’ experience working on site installing and subsequently maintaining industrial electrical equipment.

Following are the some panel’s names which we install at site locations-415V Power control panel, motor control panel, Distribution boards, PDU panels, Automatic power.

factor correction panel, and Indoor/outdoor panel’s installations.

After installation of the panels the following commissioning tests can be performedWe offer following LV Panels Testing’s – Complete functional check of internal panel wiring.

Insulation Resistance test on the panel bus bar system.

Contact resistance measurement test for ACBs & at Bus bar system.

Air circuit breakers ON/Off operation test.

Voltage & phase sequence verification test.

Secondary Injection test of the different type of ACBs/MCCBs & protection relays.