Industrial Safety Solutions & Documentation work

We offered different types of following industrial EHS solutions as follows:

A) ESH competence

  • Customized training for safety as per requirement.
  • Standard training on firefighting, first aid, behavioral safety, construction safety, operations safety, electrical safety, Ergonomics, work permits etc.

B) ESH Testing’s

  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • iIIumination
  • Vibration

C) Home ESH Safeties, Audits & Certifications 

  • Comprehensive Safety Audits & Inspections for Residential, Commercial, Construction and Factory Operations.
  •  Covers Mechanical, Electrical, Equipment, workspace, infrastructural and fire.
  •  Comprehensive EHS audits as per IS 14489, OHSAS, and ISO.
  •  Hazard and risk assessments, Aspect and Impact studies.
  • Support for certifications to ISO 14001/ISO 45001.
  •  We provide Comprehensive consultation on development of best practice based solutions.

D) ESH Legal Services

  • Determination of legal aspects for EHS.
  •  Support in licensing.
  •  Legal audits and review.

E) ESH Project Management

  • Turnkey Deployment of EHS staff for Infra, Real Estate & Facility Managements.
  •  Specialized Deployment of staff for Manufacturing, Chemical & pharma industries.
  •  Consultation for best practices and outsourcing operations Of EHS functions.
  •  24*7 Type operations support for EHS Provided.
    Safety resources such as PPE, Safety signage as per requirements.